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The Slopes

The Slopes

The Slopes represents 48.51 acres of prime future lakeside development potential. The SE corner of the property begins at the intersection of Birchcliff Road and RR1-4, abutting the Summer Village of Birchcliff. At its most Southern point, a portion of RR1-4 extends beyond Birchcliff Road and ends at the point of the lake. As the dirt road extends North, it climbs at a gradual slope, providing a spectacular panoramic view of Sylvan Lake and the Rocky Mountains to the West.

The Summer Village of Birchcliff Village is located on the eastern shore of beautiful Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Adjacent to Jarvis Bay and Jarvis Bay Campground, Birchcliff is mere moments away from all of Sylvan Lake's services and facilities. It is geographically the largest of the five summer villages that surround Sylvan Lake.

Lacombe County has officially categorized this land as Future High Density Lakeshore Residential.

Investment Timeline:
The Slopes was sold to Investors in the Spring of 2008 and is currently in the Pre-Development Phase

Quick Facts about Sylvan Lake

The Slopes

  • Sylvan Lake is a town in central Alberta, Canada. It is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) West of the city of Red Deer along Highway 11 or Highway 11A and just West of Highway 2, exactly half-way between Calgary and Edmonton. It is situated on the Southeast edge of Sylvan Lake, a 15 km (9 mi) long freshwater lake, in Red Deer County.
  • The lake draws in 1.5 million visitors each year, and the attraction of small-town lifestyle options with the convenience of a larger center just minutes away is indicated by the town's motto: "Sylvan Lake: A Town for All Seasons".
  • In 2006, Sylvan Lake had a population of 10,208, a 36.1% increase from 2001.
  • The town has a very young population: 33.2% are teenagers (19 and under), compared with the rest of Alberta at 28.3%.
  • Sylvan Lake is surrounded by Five (5) Summer Villages: Jarvis Bay, Birchcliff, Norglenwold, Sunbreaker Cove and Half Moon Bay. Click here for a map of the Five (5) Summer Villages.

Growth of Sylvan Lake

In 2008, the Town of Sylvan Lake was named the Fastest Growing Rural Community in Canada between 5,000 and 10,000 populations. Its population has doubled in the last 10 years and Statistics Canada currently lists Sylvan Lake as one of the two fastest growing towns in Canada.

Recent growth in tourism and oilfield industries - combined with Alberta's strong economy has meant record growth in real estate values in Sylvan Lake. Lake frontage is extremely scarce and impossible to expand, therefore values will continue to climb (click here for lakefront property values across Canada).

Central Alberta, and particularly Sylvan Lake, is experiencing the benefits of Alberta's strong economy. Continued growth means that major economic centers such as Edmonton and Calgary (both a 90 minute drive from Sylvan Lake) provide a tourism industry with enormous potential.

The Town has a strong year-round economic base with amenities greater than what is currently available in many towns of similar size across Canada. A Wal-Mart Supercentre was recently opened in a 25-acre shopping centre in Sylvan Lake. Other new commercial tenants include: Sobey's, Royal Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and Mark's Work Wearhouse.

Pre-Development Phase

To date, Belterra has begun the Planning and Design process, including Preliminary Planning, Aerial and Cadastral Data (Order, Organize, Plot, Detailed Site Analysis and Mapping, Detailed Contour Survey Plan and Groundwater Drilling and Feasibility Analysis.

Two wells have been drilled on the site, with the intention of being licensed as a communal supply well for future multi-lot residential land use. Observation and analysis reports that each well has a high degree of production.

The following tables list the work that has been completed to date part of the Pre-Development Phase:

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Complete
Biophysical Inventory Complete
Full Contour Survey Complete
Geotechnical Report Complete
Preliminary Lot Plan Complete
Traffic Impact Assessment In Progress
Conceptual Plan In Progress
Provincial Water License application Submitted

Area Structure Plan

Lacombe County, in consultation with AECOM, has finalized a draft of the Sylvan Lake Area Structure Plan. The ASP deals with the entire area surrounding Sylvan Lake, within Lacombe County, and will serve as a tool for controlling and directing future land uses and development in the Plan Area. It outlines how development can take place, with protections in place to ensure the environment is protected and growth is monitored properly.

Under the proposal, new housing units will be introduced in phases, with up to 8,500 new residences built - made up of multi-family housing, semi and single detached homes - that could bring 21,250 more people to live around the shoreline of Sylvan Lake.

The plan promotes conservation cluster development, with 50 per cent of a development area being used for houses grouped together and the other half being left as open natural space or municipal reserve land.


Regional Sewer Line

The Slopes - Regional Sewer Line

Sylvan Lake Waste Water Commission has been working on building a regional sewer line for years and the latest plan is to construct a sewage receiving station in the county at Hwy 592 and Hwy 20, about six km north of Sylvan Lake and approximately 1 km North of the Slopes. The much-anticipated project will allow summer villages and acreage developments in Lacombe and Red Deer counties to truck, and eventually pipe, their waste to Sylvan Lake for treatment. Construction on the Birchcliff Phase is began in March 2010 in the roadway ditches adjacent to the property.

The new regional wastewater trunk line has begun in the roadway ditches adjacent to The Slopes property. Completion of this line (Phase 1) is imperative to future development of this area.

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