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"The process of completing the deal was timely and efficient. When we had any questions, the team at Belterra was prompt to respond with satisfactory answers. Throughout the transaction, we felt that we were in good hands and that we were doing the right thing."
Annie & Ron Dribnenky

"I found the managing partners to have a wealth of knowledge, and the ability to answer any of my questions in a timely fashion. Being fairly new to raw land investments, I had several questions during my purchase. They took the time to meet with me and walk me through each fine detail. I felt very satisfied with the level service I received and am most definitely impressed with the level of post sale updates I receive from Belterra."
Troy Diakow

"My investment with Belterra provides me with peace of mind and security, which says a lot considering the current investment climate. I have been the beneficiary of honest and open information and communication."
Nathan Dorward

"Sylvain gave us all information we needed to make our decision; very efficient, knew what is talking about, and very friendly. We will not hesitate to recommend Belterra to all our friends and family."
Georges and Michelle Roy

"We were impressed with the professionalism displayed each time we had a meeting with Belterra. We were also impressed by the past successes their team had in this area."
Tish Prouse, M.A.

"Prior to meeting with Belterra I had no idea how to invest in Real Estate. After we sat down I had a much better understanding of the process and found that a First Mortgage was the right fit for me. Seeing my account growing every month is fantastic."
Kathleen Evoy
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